G-Productions is always looking for a way to get just that little extra emotional resonance when creating a corporate production. If a production can rise above the dime a dozen corporate films you’ll normally see you will get a more involved audience. To do so we will work from the ground up with a client. Over time G-Productions is often given cart blanche for their productions for clients that include the Dutch government and major congress centers.

Our video productions vary from corporate films, to interviews. With our background in concept creation for events we are  able to combine multiple facets of a corporate event to create an interconnected experience for the attendees, as we did for het jaar van het water and de crisis en herstelwet.

Like Mohamed Ali said: The fight is won in preparation, long before I dance under those lights.


  • Corporate films with a twist
  • On site lightplans
  • On site decoration
  • On site branding
  • In-house design

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