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In video productions more often than not the sound takes the back seat. Especially in the more EDM orientated productions this is a HUGE letdown. G-Productions is keen on delivering sound that matches the visually stunning images with a crisp sounding broadcast that will immerse you, as if you are there.

Due to our experience in various fields of video productions we are a valuable sparring partner for our clients. We understand the intricacies and difficulties that come to play when working on a video production, whether it’s a one camera camjo or a multiple camera live broadcast. . It helps that we have an intimate knowledge of camera equipment  which will always benefit the, speed, smoothness, and  quality of a production.

With nationwide televisionshows, feature films and live vidoeregistrations of major EDM festivals under our belt we are able to provide full range support for any production


  • Multiple camera sound production
  • Technical plot
  • Audio planning
  • Frequency planning
  • Post-production
  • Live broadcasts

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